Fill Out Patient Registration
After you've submitted your payment, you will be sent a registration link. 
Receive Lab Orders via Email
When we've received your registration, we will send your exact lab orders for bloodwork.
Go to a Testing Facility
Go to any LabCorp location near you and show the lab orders. They will administer the test.
Get Your Treatment Plan
When we receive the results (usually 5-7 days), we will call to discuss and determine if you're eligible for testosterone replacement therapy. If you qualify, Elevate Medical will set up a treatment plan that is right for you!
Get Your Old Self Back!
We can't wait for you to improve your life with this simple and easy treatment!
A Note to Patients
The contents of Elevate Medical Clinic website is provided for information only. It should not be constructed as medical advice. No treatment will be provided unless a review of your medical history, a physical examination, and lab test reveal a need.
About Us
Elevate Medical Clinic focuses on men's and women's health including Low T, andropause, a decrease in sex drive, increased fatigue, increased body fat, decrease strength, a decrease of body hair, weak erections, poor sleep, and depression.

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